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1) Must be operational in the Ad Space Network.
2) Have an existing advertisers list of over a hundred.
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Publishing Partners
SampleOn is perfect for companies who have much of their own agenda to promote. Companies such as event venues, auditoriums, theatres and event production firms will have the ease of doing in house promotions and transactions. Free Access / Transaction Cost / Profit Building
Are you already in the ad selling business? SampleOn can be great in the mix of services you offer your clients. Our Resellers program is best for organizations such as newspapers, magazines, outdoor media, and radio stations etc. Free Access / Profit Building / Transaction Cost
Are you a marketing company with clients who own a business?. Get in touch and let us show you how you can leverage the SampleOn platform for your existing clients plus grow your company by reaching more.  Free Access / Profit Building / Transaction Cost
(SampleOn Affiliate Program is NOT a Multi Level Marketing System)
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