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Case Study

Example: The promoters of a music Band-X can make a campaign with 10 concert tickets as their sample, then implement a second tier promotion by giving the concert ticket at a discount by reducing the regular ticket price of $25 down to $18.

Since members are only allowed one sample per promotion and most likely would not attend a concert alone, they will bring an average of 1-2 friends.

The recipient of the sample ticket can either buy the extra tickets for friends and/or family or they can share the promotion within their social network for others to view. Friends can follow the shared link back to SampleOn to purchase the discounted ticket and the snowball effect begins.

Just by listing the promotion, the message that Band-X is having a concert will reach thousands of people, and the "Reviews" by SampleOn users is a huge plus.

A promotion on SampleOn will have the quickest turnaround compared to any other form of marketing vehicle.

*We do not propose that SampleOn is the single most preferred way of promoting, but we do believe it to be a beneficial addition to your promotional efforts. Including SampleOn in your marketing mix definitely has the potential to bring good results in the form of traffic, sales, and profits.

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