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Online Event Connect
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Custom Event Display
How Our APIs Work.
Online Event Connect, which is designed for online event admissions. When you utilize SampleOn to market your online events Event Connect is necessary to simply bypass the sign up process again for SampleOn users.

Custom Display allows you to get the event feed from SampleOn from various categories or sub categories and display events that are relevant to your blog or userbase. For Example If you are a professional that deals in electronics and would like to showcase events only in electronic sector than you can customize the feed and as electronic expos or events from around the world come on SampleOn your audience is exposed to all the opportunities.
How to use
SampleOn APIs are easy to use as we only offer two specific ones. If you are a developer and would like to build upon SampleOn Experiential Event Marketing Software than please get in touch with us from contact page and we would love to hear your ideas. We can work in profit sharing capacity through API integration and bring monetization to your idea or develop functions and features within SampleOn application as an integrated solution.