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Sampling is undeniably engaging as a marketing method.
Sampling offers a same-day sales lift.
Sampling creates a strong impact on future purchases.
Sampling retains customers and builds brand loyalty.
Sampling helps to build your market share.
Sampling helps to acquire, convert and retain customers for the long run.
When planning a sample promotion for your brand or business.
When launching a new product or business.
For market testing prior to the production phase of a new product or business.
To increase traffic thus leading to sales & profits
  SampleOn is a marketing tool used for creating promotions in sample format. With a little creativity, any brand, business or organization(big or small) can utilize SampleOn to their advantage.
  Here are some criteria for a good sample promotion campaign:
Keep the cost of the giveaway low. But not so low that it's perceived as a throwaway.
Make the offer attractive to the audience.
Implement a 2nd tier promotion that is relevant to the first offer or your industry.
Eco friendly, cost effective, and buzzworthy way of promoting.
Highest response rate compared to other forms of promotional methods.
Eliminate 'spray and pray' tactic with your marketing funds.
Creates buzz as sample recipients share your promotion through their social network.
2nd tier promotion model brings further results/businesses.
Five star rating system & reviews from recipients are visible to everyone.
The request tool provides insight for brand owners on the best time to enter a particular market.
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