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What is SampleOn?SampleOnis the ultimate experience cloud. SampleOn rewards you with access to venues vineyards and variety of experiences.

What purpose does SampleOn serve?Engage with events in an experiential manner.

What is Amplify Your Experience?SampleOn lets you invite friends and family with a perk. The event can also be shared and friends/family can be directed to the perk.

Can I reserve an experience from events for kids?Yes, Parents or Guardians can reserve experiences for kids.

How do I reserve the event?Browse through experiences and simply click "Reserve Experience" button on experiences that interest you.

Do I need to use my purchase the same day I buy it?Please check with the event host and date listed on the experience.

Can I reserve an experience as a gift for someone else?You canshare the link and they can reserve it for themselves.

Is SampleOn safe?Yes. SampleOn is a safe platform to engage in experiences worldwide. We run an approval process and look extensively into each campaign.

Does my reservation expire?Yes each experiencehas an end date and is time sensitive. Your purchases are available forever unless they are time sensitive events as well.

What happens if my event reservation expires?The reservation is no longer valid.

How old do I have to be to get SampleOn?You must be 18 to reserve experiences and participate.

How long is each event available?Some experiences are time sensitive, while others will last a month and reappear later.

What kind of sampleOn experiences are available?The sky is the limit. Experiences range from concert tickets, amusement park passes, restaurants, golf courses, services and much more.

When can I redeem the reservation once I've claimed it?The experience details will be emailed to you. Please check the date listed on the event.

How do I redeem my reservation once I've received my QR code?Present the QR code to the venue host on the day of the experience or contact the event host to redeem it.

How do I contact the event host?Go in to your profile, under your reservation, click "comment" under the particular experience. There you can start a dialogue. You can also call the number given in your email.

Can I share my reservation code with friends?No, the experience is only for you.

Can I make more than one reservation?user is only able to reserve one SampleOn per experience.

Can I claim a SampleOn as a gift?You can purchase but not reserve an experience for others, the best way is to share it with friends so they can reserve it for themselves.

Do I have to register with SampleOn to access events?Anyone can browse through the events on the website. Yes, In order to make reservations on the site you must have a SampleOn account, or log in via Facebook/Twitter.

Are there any charges when I pick up my SampleOn?Your SampleOn experiences are free and clear of any obligation

How do I get my reservation?Reserve it and present reservation code at the event.

Can I combine a reservation with other offers or specials?Please check with the event host or company.

How can I purchase more?Click the purchase button and follow through with payment.

How many reservationsdo I get?You can make up to 5 reservations from different events on SampleOn. The reservations will be removed from your list after the event has taken place so you can add more reservations.

Can I bring my friends or family with me when I receive my sample?Yes. Events can be purchased if available for friends and family. Additional guests are always welcome, but your reservation is good for one.

How can I refer my friends? You can share event to refer your friends through all social media, email and text messaging.

How do I request businesses to promote on SampleOn near me?Simply fill the "Request Tab" at the bottom of the site,

I left a review for a company, where is it?It's in your profile, under "My Reviews" and also under the details section of the event.

If I have a problem, what is the best way to contact SampleOn? or check in the promotion details for promotion-specific contact information.

If I have a problem, how long will it take for someone to get back to me through email?If you contact you will receive a reply within 24 hours.

Where is SampleOn based?We are based in Northern California.

When will SampleOn be available in my city?SampleOn is growing and soon will be in most major cities.

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