SampleOn for Mobile
SampleOn is now accessible anywhere. Enjoy searching for new adventures, planning a quick vacation, or dipping into new experiences from the comfort of your anywhere with our mobile app! Download & start engaging with more life than you thought existed!
How it Works
SampleOn makes it easy for anyone to plan a trip, fill an itinerary, or simply try new ventures in an attractive way. Pop open the SampleOn app & browse through experiences in your city, reserve your sample, & redeem it by presenting your confirmation code. Don’t worry if samples run out; you are also offered an exclusive discounted price if you want more…we know you do.
Find Local Events
Need a quick date night? Want to get out of the house and taste something new? SampleOn allows anyone to flavor their evening through promotional campaigns, entertainment and new experiences. Pop open the app and visit the events page for listings in your area. It’s that easy.
Latest Review
SampleOn users also get a chance to voice their experiences by writing reviews for future guests and users. It’s a great way to share your thoughts, and learn about other experiences around you. SampleOn lets the consumer cultivate their lives with a new experience, and give businesses real, valuable feedback for future.
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